10 rules of the perfect family

In the perfect family what you see on the surface rarely reflects what lurks underneath. There is usually a pink elephant sitting in the living room everyone sees but steps around as if oblivious to it’s presence. Cut and paste smiles come forth for outsiders and the children grow up to be mini me projections of the illusions and lies.Read More

The pursuit of unhappiness

The current New Age thought would have me believe people will eventually let me in if I keep knocking at their door. However something my friend told her daughter after a break-up resonated with me “If you give 80% of yourself and the relationships ends you are going to feel like there is nothing of you left.” I am allRead More

6 signs that you with him only for sex

The man can be loved for a lot of things. Especially how he is beautiful in a bed. How to understand that you love the man and remain with him in a relationship only because of sex, we will tell today. Together you spend the most part of time in a bed Sex with this man – the finest inRead More

Addiction to selfies and social networks

In reality and on social networks there is now a trend when the girl parades herself, that is does not hide “advantages”, bares parts of bodies. Let’s talk in article: badly it or is good. At the beginning it is worth understanding that behind such behavior there is a certain reason why they do it. Girls notice that parading itselfRead More