The man can be loved for a lot of things. Especially how he is beautiful in a bed. How to understand that you love the man and remain with him in a relationship only because of sex, we will tell today.

Together you spend the most part of time in a bed

Sex with this man – the finest in what you ever were engaged. Or because you simply need sex. When you make another appointment, you strive for the solution of a question at once not about at what restaurant you will have supper, and about that to someone you home after this dinner will go – to it or to you. Appointments, visits of cinema, joint walk with his dog, a dinner with his parents – all this interests you a little because the main motivator in your relationship is sex.

To you all the same, as its affairs

It is uninteresting what day he spent at work that he ate for dinner and whether got enough sleep today. Inflow of curiosity which is experienced by one partner to life of another on the first couples in a relationship, is explained by production of hormone of oxytocin which is responsible for attachment. Therefore, every time when partners are at distance each other, they try to find out, what about the beloved or the beloved, to pay attention to themselves or to call the partner on a conversation. If it does not happen, probably, it is really just sex.

You do not seek to advertise your relationship

You do not tell about it to friends, you do not hurry to acquaint with parents. Because somewhere at heart you know that nothing, except sex, keeps you in this relationship. It is sign as usually in a relationship in which both partners fallen in love and ready for the long union they usually do not hide presence of the partner, and on the contrary, try to notify on it the closest circle: to share joy or to express the intentions. If you do not want to acquaint the partner with the relatives, probably, at heart you do not take this relationship seriously.

You do not agree in opinions on important positions, but to you all the same

One of guarantees of good relations is a similarity of partners in global questions, for example concerning children or a view of development of career. But in a case with this man they do not concern you even if your positions disperse oppositely.

He is not similar to the man of your dream

Agree, each woman has an idea of what has to be the ideal man, the husband and the father of children. You can even have the whole list of criteria according to which you select the partner. And here to you on a course of life that which well does not fit into this framework at all meets, but intimate relations between you were already entered, and there is no wish to untie them. However, if you accurately understand for yourself that the partner does not approach for a role of the satellite of all life, it is not obligatory to break off a relationship at once at all.

In society there was an opinion that a relationship for the sake of sex suits more men, than women. But actually many women harmoniously develop in a relationship without love, enjoying sexual proximity. In a relationship in which the woman is held only by the intimate party of a question there is nothing strange or reprehensible.

The only thing that we strongly recommend, is to be honest with the partner, without allowing it to create false hopes. If to you to exist in the concept of a relationship for sex really more comfortably, then it is necessary to inform the partner. It is worth remembering also the desires. If in a relationship you feel the identical need for that both to love, and to be favourite, then the relations entered only on sex can over time begin to oppress you.

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