happy family

In the perfect family what you see on the surface rarely reflects what lurks underneath. There is usually a pink elephant sitting in the living room everyone sees but steps around as if oblivious to it’s presence. Cut and paste smiles come forth for outsiders and the children grow up to be mini me projections of the illusions and lies. Skeletons are hidden in closets never to be revealed, the theory being if I can’t see it or I don’t acknowledge it existed it won’t hurt me. Perfect families also have rules:

1. Masks must be worn at all times no one is allowed to see the ‘real’ you
2. Do not feel go through life without acknowledging or dealing with your emotions.
3. Don’t see shattering the illusion will mean looking at your self better not to see the pink elephant
4. Never aspire to break the family chain you may not want to find out the links were not as strong as you thought
5. Screwed up lives are never to be revealed apply pink paint where necessary
6. Be seen to be a pillar of society the illusion is easier to sell when more than one person believes in it
7. Never ask for help never reveal any weakness never place yourself in a position of vulnerability
8. Be materialistic allow yourself to believe the more you have the more you are
9. Always forget where you came from that way you will never have to face what you left behind
10. Spend the rest of you life protecting and living the lie. Then be sure to hand it down to your children

It takes courage to step out of the illusion and give the pink elephant a poke far easier to walk in the shadows of deception. Far easier to tow the line and step into the role you have been designated at birth. Shake the skeletons in the closet and run the risk of being tossed from the family circle. It is not always an easy choice. But when you step around the pink elephant you are also stepping away from your true self you risk becoming that which you keep hidden. As the song goes ‘I was blind but now I see.’

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