In reality and on social networks there is now a trend when the girl parades herself, that is does not hide “advantages”, bares parts of bodies. Let’s talk in article: badly it or is good.

At the beginning it is worth understanding that behind such behavior there is a certain reason why they do it. Girls notice that parading itself in the sexual plan, they can easily draw attention of men.

They notice that men begin to watch and pay attention to them.

There is basic desire of each girl. It consists in creation of family and the child’s birth.

Therefore, to start a family, they need to attract the man in the life that he noticed, approached and got acquainted., It seems, everything is logical.

Primitive instinct

The next moment which should be understood to all girls.

The man reacts to the girl who puts on sexually, not because wants to start with her a family, and reacts instinctively, as to a sexual object.

It has especially no choice.

Even at the high level of mindfulness it is difficult to resist not to detain the look on the attractive person.

And girls actively use this “bug” in a male body.

In what a dirty trick at acquaintance at sexual attraction?

And it is possible, even meet such girls.

In that case the character of the girl, her shower is completely ignored. As the man was just attracted by the girl’s body. Of course, no adequate union can be.

As matrimony is the union of two hearts, but not bodies.

And, let us assume, in the guy it was pleasant to the girl his security, or a large constitution. Thus couple connects at the primitive animal level.

And someone will tell that here bad. The fact is that we are people, and we are distinguished from animals that we have a reason and soul.

If characters are incompatible or there are false values in couple, the conflicts and quarrels very soon can begin that will lead not to strengthening of family, and to its disorder.

Generally, it is very big problem in society.

Dependence on exposure of for show off

The girl gets used that attracts attention, exposing that one shoulder, the second.

Placing, as on drug on itself men.

Therefore, and itself sits down on pumping thus of dopamine, receiving attention in realities or likes in virtuality.

And as on a reflex begins to seek for receiving pleasure stronger.

Now she exposes a leg, puts on the fitting clothes. Exposes itself in more frank poses.

Earlier it was called debauchery. Girls such were considered as unworthy and low fallen.

Girls who were taken in marriage in them it was appreciated – high education, level of culture, good breeding, modesty.

They surely put on in the closed dresses, but dresses could be both beautiful and extravagant.

Their attires closed buttocks, legs, shoulders, hands, a decollete.

Now the debauchery is promoted in masses.

There are following 2 processes:

  • Improvement of appearance.
  • Destruction of inner world.

And everything begins very well and is even harmless.

Photographed itself, having exposed buttocks or having opened a decollete and received many likes.

Dopamine is emitted. Oh, as it is simple!

And the organism, as we know, seeks for receiving dopamine with the smallest efforts.

And now why to the girl to try to be the nice person that it will be pleasant?

Why to her to learn to be the pleasant interlocutor, working on itself?

Why to her to develop though in something?

All this demands much more efforts and gives less dopamine.

It is enough to photograph of itself, to expose and receive dopamine. The dependence on its approval in the sexual plan is so formed.

Over time there is the strongest concentration on own body.

If the girl was interested in knowledge earlier, she had hobbies, hobbies, then now the vector is developed on her body, on sexuality. And inside it is devastated and literally “blackens”.

By the way mentally the way out of sexual energy is found at the very bottom of a human body. Therefore, the exit to other layers, that is the top chakras which lead to achievements is blocked, I understand other people, the sensitivity to other people, an intuition, intelligence decreases.

Though in the girl there is very important congenital line – it is understanding of other person and wisdom. These qualities are put in them by the nature. Understanding of the child, husband, forming of a harmonious relationship in family. All this is lost and oppressed.

Also, due to obtaining lot of recognition of the girl as sexual object, the EGO of the girl and her arrogance grows. And it is undeserved.

That is she made nothing, did not make a contribution, is not a symbol of the real person of morals, gained recognition not for her merits, but its self-assessment flies up.

What will not join reality and “defective” neural communications in the head are formed.

Now the girl considers that nothing can have the right to meet the strongest mankind understanding at the same time without doing.

She begins to consider that all have to give her: gifts, attention. And she has to nothing.

Though such girl who is concentrated only on herself is not desired for creation of family.

She is desired only as a sexual object, as a body.

But for a role of the wife of her man do not consider. As mother of their children as friend as support in family life – such girl is simply not adapted and is not capable to perform these functions. Or she can be considered, only the same men having the false vital values which are also brought down from a way by money, the power, self-affirmation at the expense of others.

As a result, primary aspiration to be sexual for creation of family plays against it.

On the contrary it leads to the fact that she cannot start a family.

It is a lot of attention, but only as on a sexual object, to nobody souls and character of the girl it is uninteresting. Her basic qualities as women break.

Understanding it, the girl hides herself real even stronger, works on a body even more, digging in herself in this trap even stronger.

And already just like that it will be very difficult to refuse as she “on a dopamine hook” attention.

As a result, turns into an insensitive object, externally attractive, and with a big hole in soul. Which does not know someone is she, having forgotten true someone has to be a girl.

Now true concepts of her are changed for false.

Do not come across this trap.

At the beginning it seems that everything comes easily. Just buy to yourself clothes, take a picture of yourself in Instagram, open a shoulder, a breast, and receive attention. But it not that attention which is necessary for you, believe me. And it is not that road which is necessary to you.

In life you need only 1 man, but not thousands of men.

And it by all means will be, but for a start become the decent girl.

Drawing attention of many men, you spend the energy, from you energy literally exchanges letters, your aura is perforated by lewd views of men.

Here the real qualities of the girl which should be brought up in themselves to construct good family.

  • Good breeding and level of culture
  • Modesty
  • Rationality
  • Chastity
  • Empathy

Do not develop in yourself debauchery, lust, fornication, arrogance, using weakness of men.

As you promote not only to their falling, but also the.

And if you are modest and will hide the body from public eyes, can seem to you that in this case you lose, and other girls will overtake you. It is a real lie.

Actually, you will win. As you will really attract worthy men for whom there will be the main thing not a sex, and the main thing will be: creation of family to find the good wife, mother of his future children, and promotion of healthy values of morals, health and world.

Let they in life will meet less, but they will be the presents.

Do you want it the man? Do you want kind family? So why you act against it?

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