Meet the Recovery X Team

We are people who are passionate about providing addiction recovery resources to those in need.


We are the founders Recovery X.

Dan Sevigny

Paul Gallagher

Yorrick Anderson


We are volunteer contributors who provide life saving addiction recovery resources to people in need
by hosting live interviews with experts, thought leaders and people in recovery.

Dean Scaduto

Addiction is rampant in the United States and evidently only on the rise. In the past ten years alone I’ve lost nearly 35 friends to this disease. In light of my history and personal interest in recovery, I’m pleased to be a contributor on Recovery X as I believe wholeheartedly in serving an educational platform that increases public awareness by creating a centralized hub in which families and those struggling with addiction can access vitally important material to help make the most informed decisions.  

I first started flirting around with the idea of becoming a conflict resolution practitioner during my studies at Harvard and Columbia; since then circumstances developed and I’ve been blessed to welcome few advisory board positions and unique opportunities to work with governments and non-profits at both the state and international level.  For the next few years, I made the decision to rededicate my efforts in tackling the opiate epidemic and providing recovery services to clients.  Ultimately, the goal is to help sick people get well!