1 METHOD CENTER is an industry leading drug and alcohol treatment center in West Los Angeles, CA...

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1 Method Center is a co-ed addiction recovery program offering the full continuum of care under one treatment team, including:

  • PHASE ONE: Detox & Rehab
  • PHASE TWO: Continuing Care
  • PHASE THREE: Extended Care
  • PHASE FOUR: Independent Living
  • Outpatient Treatment (day and evening)

Patients can enter treatment at any level of care, based on their needs.

Approved and accredited by the NAATP & Joint Commission.
Licensed by the State of California.

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Join Recovery X host, Dan Sevigny, as he meets with 1 Method Center owner, Cassidy Cousens, to learn more about the program and find out what makes it unique.

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This program is best known for...

Scientifically Proven Neurophysiological Treatment.

"Move a muscle, change a thought"

The latest research in addiction medicine shows that treatment is most effective when the mind & body are given equal attention.

1 Method Center performs an in-depth physical assessment with each patient, to create a custom plan tailored to the needs of the individual.

Clients safely engage in fun physical activities like hiking, snowboarding, yoga, and weight lifting to change their neurochemistry and find healthy activities they're interested in.

Home-like, upscale family environment.

The culture of 1 Method Center is focused around creating a healthy environment for everyone involved in the treatment process.

When patients and their families come to 1 Method Center, they can rest easy, knowing they'll be taken care of and provided with a safe, comfortable experience.

The staff at 1 Method Center all "walk the walk" and engage in the same therapeutic treatments and healthy lifestyle that they offer their clients.

The owner, Cassidy Cousens, knows every patient and family that his program works with. On any given day, you're likely to find him taking out the trash, answering the intake hotline and spending one-on-one time with patients.

Treating Addiction, Trauma & Mental Health Disorders.

Patients come to 1 Method Center with a wide variety of problems related to addiction trauma, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

During the first phase of treatment, the treatment team at 1 Method Center focuses on clearing drugs from the patient's system and establishing a mental health baseline. 

From there, assessments can be made and the best treatment method for any mental health disorder or addiction can be applied.

1 Method Center uses the latest evidence-based (scientifically proven) methods for trauma, addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Watch Interviews with the 1 Method Center Staff

Watch interviews with 1 Method Center staff who appeared on the Recovery X channel.

‚ÄčIn this Program Playlist, you'll hear from...
Cassidy Cousens (Founder / Owner)
Gary Fisher (Clinical Supervisor)
Timothy Harrington (Family Recovery Coach)
Ryan Lichterman (Chief Operating Officer)
Chris Hutchins (Resident Advisor & Former Client)

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